Walk With Warriors

Inauguration Walk, Saturday, April 8th, 2023, Coral Reef Park.

A time for camaraderie, friendship, recruitment, and Esprit De Corps!

Oorah! PFC Bruce W. Carter Detch 052 gear is up and ready for duty!

Commandant Elio and Marine Mike are on duty!
Marine Johnny Lopez proudly serving.
Marine Colonel Cadman is on deck.
Commandant Elio takes charge of all assembled.
Preparing to Walk With Warriors.
Associate Marines Roberto and Patricia.
Marine Ozzie and Navy Veteran Edrys.
Commandant Elio addresses the Warriors.
Marine Commandant Elio and Marine Mike.
Commandant talking to a prospective member.
Proud Warriors after a healthy Walk!
Marine Johnny Lopez, General Cadman, Linda, Patricia, Roberto, Marine Jose Rocha.