A Blast From The Past

A look at our detachment members from the past.

Marine Private Mike Raigoso.
Marine Private Ozzie Perez.

Marine Private Tim Daubert.

Marine PFC Tim Daubert
Marine Private Eddie Dominguez.
Marine Private Elio Dominguez.
Marine “Corporal” Chuck Manetta.

Marine Private Michael Becerra.

Marine PFC Javier Lopez
Marine Private Jose A. Lopez (boot camp)
Marine Jose A Lopez (mos 6015) AV-8B Harrier Mechanic.
Marine Corporal Jose A. Lopez
Marine Corporal Jose A Lopez (AV-8B Harrier)
Past Commandant Marine Angel Rodriguez.
Marine E. Dominguez.
Marines Raigoso and Dominguez.
Marine Dominguez & Family. (I do! I do!)
Marine Sergeant Teddy Guzman.

Marine Sergeant Teddy Guzman in Iraq.